Emr – And not the Healthcare Software “Silver Bullet”

Emr – And not the Healthcare Software “Silver Bullet”

Because the electronic health record (Electronic health record) discussion rages on, I am constantly requested why organizations need healthcare software for example enterprise cms (ECM) or document management if they have a digital permanent medical record (EMR) – that’s lots of acronyms, I understand.

I have attempted saying, “EMR and ECM – it isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison. It is a lot more like apples-to-oranges.” However that response only elicits more questions. So, in order to bring clearness towards the EMR versus. ECM showdown, I’ll expand a little. Let us begin with an example to 1 of my personal favorite popular culture infomercial phenomena: the special moment Bullet.

Have you ever seen this factor? It claims so that you can do all of it – chop, mince, grate AND blend! Initially when i first first viewed it on television, I had been astounded by the vast abilities of the “blender.” It helped me think that just one tool really could do all individuals things – and do all of them well.

Actually, a fast Web search says, overall, many reviewers are pleased with the special moment Bullet. But, a fascinating theme emerged – although it does everything claimed within the infomercial, it does not do all individuals things well. You receive where I am choosing this.

Putting this poor the “significant use” standards, one must question: May be the EMR the silver – or Magic – bullet which get you there? Will it supply the capacity and functionality to satisfy all the needs?

My short answer: No. Based on what you’ve probably heard to date, this can be a bold statement. But, in my opinion, there’s no chance that certain single technologies are enough.

It’s not only me who’s thinking this – the marketplace is showing it. Articles last summer time about trends affecting the document management market centered on one trend particularly: that EMR and ECM integrations were rising. In addition, it recommended that EMR vendors take notice of the and, consequently, aren’t developing their very own inclusive ECM solutions since it is not the things they’re doing best.

So here’s the conclusion: EMR and ECM solutions bring immense value to healthcare organizations, both with the addition of their very own functionality by complementing those of another. However when EMRs make believe you be ECM, vendors overpromise, customers get confused, as well as in healthcare, people are put in danger.

To all of the software vendors making-for-television gurus available: Understand what you need to do, get it done well and stay with it.

Susan deCathelineau, MS, RHIA, may be the healthcare solutions manager for Hyland Software. She leads a group of analysts who try to match healthcare organizations’ needs using the abilities from the OnBase enterprise cms (ECM) software suite.

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