Google Released A Way To Find Out If Your Phone’s Passwords Were Hacked

It is a handy tool to improve the security of our data. Look at the step by step.

Google is continually looking for ways to improve the security of its users. That is why now brings a new tool to all those who have smartphones that use the Android operating system, which allows you to detect if passwords have been hacked.

The first step is to go to the Play Store and download the latest version of Chrome Canary. Then, you have to go to chrome: // flags and access “massive password verification”.

The next step is to enable “bulk password verification”. Once done, the user must restart their device as its done in Att unlock phone.

When the computer restarts, you have to go to a new option that the smartphone will offer us called “verify a password.” It is found within the password configuration.

Once there, you have to select the option “scan saved passwords”. Once this process is finished, Google will inform us which ones were compromised and suggest that we modify them to improve our data’s security.

 Bonus: How To Set Your Android Phone Left Handed

Few users know about the function, and it is beneficial for a large part of the population. Here is the step by step to activate it.

Android’s function is almost unknown to most users, and that can be very useful for a large part of the population: the operating system can be configured so that cell phones can be operated in “left-handed mode.”

The “left-handed mode” allows users to change the screen’s orientation: the buttons on the right side will shift to the left. In this way, they will not be forced to use the smartphone as if they were right-handed.

The first thing to do is go to “Settings” and then go to “Systems” to activate this function. Once there, you have to select the “Phone information” tab.

In this instance, you have to look for the option “Build number” and click on it seven times. This will enable a screen where the device will ask us for the PIN code to enable the developer options.

Once we access it, we must enter “System” and go to the “Options for developers” tab. There you have to look for the option “Force RTL design direction” and activate the tab. In this way, our phone will be configured in “left-handed mode”.

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