How & When to Schedule a House Call for Laptop Repair

How & When to Schedule a House Call for Laptop Repair

If you are facing problems in the working of your laptop then here are some ways to troubleshoot them. There are a few problems that can be solved on your own. However, it is better to go for a laptop repair in case of other problems. This is because trouble-shooting varies with the age, model and OS of your laptop. Hence, the best option would be to hire laptop repair service at home. If you are living in Delhi NCR then you can also search for laptop repair services in Gurgaon and so on. Now, here are a few problems and their solutions for your laptop repair at home.

Damaged Battery

If there is an occurrence of a problem like slow charging, faster drain, incomplete charge or not taking charge at all, it means your battery is damaged. This means you need to replace the battery or maybe the charging cord is not working so you can replace it as well. However, another problem can be in the charging port. To repair this you need to hire a laptop repair service as they can be fixed by experts only.

Shutting Down Between Work

If your laptop stops working and shuts down itself, then it can be due to a problem with the battery. You can verify it by plugging the charger into the laptop and leave it for some time to recharge. However, this problem can also occur if there is a problem with the processor of the laptop. Moreover, you should opt for a laptop repair service to get it fixed. One more issue which is similar to it is the problem with the screen of the laptop. In this issue, the laptop does not stop working but it’s just the screen which turns off. You can verify it by checking if the fan is rotating or not. Most often this problem happens due to a problem with the screen connecting the ribbon of the laptop. You can get it fixed from a laptop repair service at home.

Slower Processing

If you are experiencing slow processing, lags or slow start during a task, most probably it’s an issue either with your hardware or software. Most often this happens due to the negligence of the laptop’s maintenance. You should make sure that your Operating System and software are up to date. Also, for this issue, you can hire an expert laptop repair service for the maintenance of your laptop.


Hopefully, the above solutions will help you solve your problems. But keep in mind that it is better to hire laptop repair at home than to try to solve complex technical issues yourself as it might only aggravate our problems. Moreover, it is a more reasonable option as you can easily search for “laptop repair services near me”. If you live in Gurgaon then you can go for laptop repair in Gurgaon and you can search similarly for any other city.

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