Reading text from PDF and images

Reading text from PDF and images

With a simple program, text can be read from images or PDF files. How to do this, we will show you step by step in these practical tips. Read out text from PDF files – this is how it works.

In the following we will show you how to read text from PDF files.

Download the freeware version of the PDF-XCHange Viewer and install the tool.

After the installation, start the program and open the PDF file you want to read from.

Click on “OCR”, the “optical character recognition”, in the menu bar at the top left.

Enter the language of the text, the pages you want to recognize the text on, and the accuracy with which you want the text to be recognized.

With good copies, a low level of accuracy is often sufficient and very fast. If the text is distorted or has poor resolution, the highest accuracy and a little patience are worthwhile.

Once the automatic text recognition is complete, you can simply copy the text with the text selection tool (B) and paste it into a text editor.

You can of course search the file for letters, characters and words.

If you click on “File” -> “Save a copy as”, you can save the PDF including the recognized text in a new PDF file. This is now a little larger than the original file.

By the way: If write protection prevents the copy from being saved, you can try to remove the write protection according to the instructions in our practical tip before you start the text recognition.

Use the AnyPDF OCR tool

Alternatively, you can do without additional software and read the text from the PDF using an online OCR scanner. AnyPDF OCR module can be used both online and offline. Upload the PDF, the text from the PDF document will be converted into body text that you can copy and edit,

Read text from images

You can simply use the online tool Free Online OCR to read text from images.

Open Free Online OCR and insert the image file by clicking on “Select file”.

Then select the language and format you want to convert to.

The process is started by clicking on “Convert”. You can then download the finished file.

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