Tips For Effective Communications Monitoring During Pandemic

Tips For Effective Communications Monitoring During Pandemic

There are various of ways to secure an effective communications monitoring during pandemic outbreaks one of which is notifying all members of your organization regarding the current situation, adjustments and ensuring that all mobile devices are activated and tuned to the same network so that all employees have access to the same information. This can easily be done using cell phones that tie into your existing PBX system. Another option is to set up mobile devices that will allow each employee to access a secure personal computer via their cell phone. This is a good choice for companies because it is easy to set up, provides multiple levels of security, and does not require any additional equipment. Some mobile compliance experts recommend that you avoid transmitting confidential information over the internet during an outbreak, but most companies can handle this if they use dedicated email or fax systems.

Companies should also monitor all incoming communications to ensure that no valuable customer or business information gets corrupted. To do this, a mobile compliance specialist can review your existing server policies for virus definitions and create a list of potential viruses that might be attached to emails or fax documents. You might also consider purchasing and installing special filtering software. You can also use dedicated servers and virtual private networks to ensure that your network does not become compromised. As soon as an outbreak occurs, review your mobile communication policies to see if your company is in compliance and take measures to make sure that you stay compliant.

Some mobile compliance experts suggest that companies consider purchasing sim cards that will allow employees to communicate through their mobile devices while they are away from the office. The cards can provide text messaging and voice communications to ensure that the communication is reliable and secure. Companies must also monitor phone calls or any incoming traffic on their network to ensure that confidential information does not get corrupted and transmitted over the internet during an outbreak. When choosing your mobile communication solutions for pandemic outbreaks, make sure that they provide dedicated IP addresses and that they filter out all confidential information before sending it over the airwaves.

Learn more of the effective ways on monitoring communications during pandemic with this infographic from Telemessage.

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