Using Latent Semantic Indexing Technology Concepts to enhance Internet Search Engine Ranking: Part 2

Using Latent Semantic Indexing Technology Concepts to enhance Internet Search Engine Ranking: Part 2

Bing is continuously updating its algorithms to supply searchers with helpful, relevant and fresh information. Each time it updates its algorithms, savvy online marketers will always be towards the top of internet search engine, since these webmasters always follow Google quality guidelines. They work in line with the core and fundamental concepts from the internet search engine.

Unlike savvy webmasters, lazy webmasters will always be chasing the holes from the internet search engine. They implement different strategies to cheat the internet search engine. But, as internet search engine, especially Bing is becoming smarter and smarter every so often, Google uses different strategies to identify cheaters.

Evidence claim that, Bing is using LSI in the formula to supply its searchers with relevant and helpful information, identify poor content websites, identify duplicate content and look at link profile.

Let us observe how Google uses latent semantic indexing:

1. Provide searchers with relevant and helpful information

Latest semantic indexing enables a internet search engine to find out a relevancy of the page not just using its search query, but additionally using the context from the search query. Quite simply, LSI helps internet search engine to retrieve data in line with the context from the search query. There forefront, you should create your website with LSI in your mind.

Several webmasters use automatic content generation software to produce articles that are dedicated to specific keywords. This content simply produced to cheat internet search engine. Internet search engine line Google uses latent semantic indexing technology to recognize articles produced using automatic content generation tools. LSI uses the context from the happy to examine its relevancy and effectiveness.

3. Identify duplicate content

Among the quality guidelines of Bing is to prevent similar pages produced across different domains or sub domains. Internet search engine employ latent semantic indexing technology concepts to remove duplicate pages.

4. Examine link profile

Internet search engine use link recognition as a significant component to position webpages. Several Webmasters has lengthy used different software programs to improve the recognition of the websites, consequently spamming the internet search engine to provide irrelevant information. To battle link spamming, search engines like google use Latent semantic Indexing to recognize link spamming by analyzing the hyperlink profile.

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