Using Technologies Wisely To Construct Readily Available Websites

Using Technologies Wisely To Construct Readily Available Websites

Each website comes with an optimal design that matches perfectly to the thematic, needs and visitors’ type. For instance, an internet site offering e-cards will definitely have to catch the visitors’ eyes, using images, animations and interactivity, while a website focused on science, teaching or analysis might not need any one of individuals to appear their information and contents.

The quantity of animation or interactivity will definitely modify the ease of access of the site since technologies accustomed to provide this kind of content are often not based on user agents or many occasions not designed for those who have disabilities. To think about the number of people you may be letting behind I’ll base my study the data of the site ( that is completely accessible and offers lots of textual information.

To check out some round figures I’ll state that when the content from the site could be completely according to Flash or JavaScript we’d be losing from 1.77% to 4.55% from the visits due simply to the possible lack of technologies, which may be an extremely many visitors when the website is effective. But lets try taking some factors in line with the most widely used and problematic technologies available.


Flash is a terrific way to build animations and interactivity but may be a large ease of access problem. Developing a website completely in Flash could discrete a couple.78% from the visitors making the website completely empty for search engines like google, which can be most of your inconvenience.

Many sites will appear at Flash like a primary necessity while some may apply it animation or will not utilize it whatsoever.

– In case your site does not require it, then use it just for animation or supplying wealthy alternative texts.

– Avoid building menus in Flash, as user agents not supporting it won’t be in a position to follow their links.

– Export the swf files while using cheapest version possible. Merely a 69.2% from the visitors make use of the new edition. The remainder 29.03% will need to download before playing the film.

– Come up with the film size less than possible so individuals don’t become bored awaiting the page to load. You may still find an 11.83% of holiday makers using dial-up connections.


JavaScript has similar issues to Flash. Many user agents will not support it, including search engines like google robots. Single.77% from the visitors will not have the ability to begin to see the information designed in JavaScript nor stick to the links.

– If at all possible utilize it just for not essential interactivity and functionality.

– Otherwise, provide alternative static content within the “noscript” tag.

– Don’t allow it to be essential to consume a link. Make use of the “location.href” command because the “onclick” event inside a static link (“a” tag).


Frames are nice, but ought to be for sure prevented. While the majority of the user agents supports, search engines like google, in addition to blind people, might be seriously confused when attempting to relate the data within the different pages of the frameset.

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